Is there a vignette effect on iZZi lenses?

Yes, there is a slight vignette effect on our lenses: the round vignette on the fisheye & telephoto and a slight "bowling" vignette on the wide-angle. Feel free to zoom in with your telephoto to lose the vignette and still get great quality images, as opposed to the pixelated images taken with the iPhone's own zoom.
If you notice a more significant vignette, it could be for a few reasons. Try these quick fixes:
1. Make sure the protective sleeve "lens opening" over the camera's native lens is not obstructed by the actual sleeve. The sleeves are made of an elastic substance that can cause for it to stretch and cover the lens.
2. Make sure to firmly press your phone into the cavity of the unit with some force, again the sleeve has some elasticity and will conform to the way it is inserted into the unit.

If these solutions still don't decrease the vignette effect, please contact us at We'll be happy to assist you.

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